“Someone said to me they look like bugs, so
‘Brass Bug Boxes’ they are!”

How it all began

I have been painting in watercolour for some years and have in the past exhibited at the prestigious Royal Institute of painters in watercolours exhibitions at the Mall Gallery in London. Now I teach watercolour painting part time, so I know what a palette needs to offer ? I waited many months for my Craig Young “Paintbox”. So when I needed a studio box, I decided to make my own.

Now, having perfected the construction, I  have added other models to the “Bug” family and offer a range of palettes to suit how you want to paint. Most are currently available for immediate despatch or on very short lead times.

“Will owning one of my boxes make you a better painter? Well probably not, but it will make you feel good knowing it’s the best!”

Design evolution

My paint boxes have deep “Bug” mixing wells for that first big wet into wet wash, and unfold into additional flat palettes for those stiffer mixes that come next. Demand is high for these unique paint boxes. Each one is individually made, and takes many hours of painstaking work, so availability is limited. I can currently offer most designs and colours from stock or on short lead times, typically 2 weeks.

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“Necessarily of limited edition, but beautiful to look at, tactile to touch, practical and a “must have” item for the serious painter.”


All Bug boxes are made from 60/40 brass sheet, Hinges and pins are also brass, so they will never rust. The boxes all feature the domed “bug” look outside.

Finish ~ All mixing surfaces are powder coated Semi -Gloss White Polyester. External finish is Polyester powder coated gloss. Colours available are Aquamarine, Capri Blue, Duck Egg Blue, Moss Green, Pure Orange, Sapphire Blue, Ribbon Blue, Traffic Red and Ultramarine. Also available in natural “Shiny” Brass

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